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  YingKou JiuXin Machinery CO., LTD is an enterprise specialized in designing and manufacturing cold bending forming machines, which has been dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of metal sheet cold bending machines and special equipment of security doors for many years. It has been enjoying a leading research and development capacity in the industry with its main products applied in manufacturing doors, windows and so on.

Door panel rollforming machine(bilateral)  
Door panel rollforming machine(unilateral)  
Door frame leveling machine  
Door panel decoiling line  
Door panel leveling machine  
Combination punch(double row)  
  Customer satisfaction is the only standard for testing products. We listen to the voice of customers, grasp their needs, define quality standards based on customer satisfaction, and try our best to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
The company will be committed to continuously improving the production process and quality of products, and constantly developing new products to maintain the competitiveness of the market. It is moving in the direction of modern enterprises and advancing with time.
With "sincerity, pragmatism, high quality and efficiency" as the enterprise purpose, we will serve people from all walks of life wholeheartedly.
YingKou JiuXin Machinery CO., LTD
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